The unsavory characters who rise and fall like bouncing rubber in the Kava tectonic region's mining operation are known as whipping lords due to their excessive use of pain as motivation and minimal application of mercy. They exact command over the washed sprawl also known as laborscum. Those strong and cut-throat who works their way up from the minds are quick to switch from brutalized to brutalizer. The life expectancy of a whipping lord seems directly linked to their ambition, mainly that the less adventurous with their investments stay around longer. Those who push the brink of what their power can control often burn up like so much stinking sulfur. Their second-winded self-induced feelings of immortality have always stopped when approaching Kava's Crater, an area so thick with unwashed sprawl and its coming chaos that no whipping lord has ever last the night in attempt to set up there. Surely, more than they value their own life, they put more towards acquiring the caches of Wakite hidden in the burned out molten bowl.