"Beautiful? You call this waste of space beautiful? Why, it looks nothing like a ladyfolk willing with spread legs!" -A ruff&tumbl bandito

On the Ava, a significant portion of the surface of sphere is covered by the waste.

The waste is, for lack of more defining and commonly used terms, and expression to mix the absence of other things with the idea that nothing of value is there. It is therefore a "waste of space" and full of refuse and unwanted terrain, which is a waste of land.

Yet it is here that many must make their homes, embattled with unpredictable weather and unstoppable danger.
Those residing on the crust of the sphere still manage to have a sense of humor, somehow, and the enduring mortalfolk make the best of nothing quite literally, be it good or bad makings.

There are numerous places where the waste crosses The Green Belt, expanding South, though in history it is believed to have been a relatively flat region that covered the area to the North.


The waste just outside of the Green Belt, making a noticeable change in the skyline.

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