The Dunerunners are a merchant operation headed by the living legend, Zz'Gashi the sentient Skaldron whose given his namesake title of 'Dunerunner' to his organization.

Zz'Gashi himself is a marvel of unknown super natural cause, a beast every way you look at it but with all the intellect and ability of the most cunning mortal. He is a ruthless operative, not hesitant to maim or kill if cold reason or a heated temper dictate give the prerogative to do so, and that ideology passes to the members of The Dunerunners as well.

A stern and dour leader prone to anger, Zz'Gashi is still not without his rules. Those who do well in the Dunerunners have promotions up the ranks and better futures with access to specialized gear in store, so long as their loyalty remains unwavering and their morals a non-factor in executing an assigned job.

Because of the harsh expectations made of members, the Dunerunners operate and an elite merchant agency with a specialty in damage control. They occupy a somewhat unique function in this, as most other competing merchant outfits specialize either in protection or destruction, but the Dunerunners's excel in both fields with a 89% contract completion rating.

It's known that dealing with them is like selling bits of soul to a demon, for their loyalty after a contract ends dries up immediately, and there are numerous recorded reports of Dunerunners turning on a convoy they just completed a contract to protect because one of higher offer was made to destroy the same convoy by a higher bidder, with this knowledge known to the Dunerunners at the start of the escort.

Any dealing with the Dunerunners, and especially with the leader Zz'Gashi, are best done with extreme caution and only when absolutely necessary.

Despite the dark reputation, the Dunerunners remain one of the most highly requested merchant contracting agencies. Zz'Gashi is to have said, "The waste is not short for desperation or wealth, and as long as those two factors remain not changed, I will always be in the murder business."