Don't look it in the spines!

Often called the land shark' or scorpion dragon' or Ol' Spiny or that fucking beast of blades and sand, the skaldron is a wrathful mix of anger and dirt. It's powerful but also reputed to be fairly unintelligent. Coming across one is dangerous to be sure, but they have a strange habit of attacking in only a straight line. There speed and agility still make this a deadly beast of the dunes.

A "Skaldron Dance" is an event organized when a wild skaldron is caught and re-released in an arena pit with a competitor--either a trained daredevil or a doomed sprawl capture, and they are forced to 'dance' around the relentless attacks of the hungry, hungry skaldron until they find a weak point exposed and cut the next of the fanged fury or they end up being an afternoon snack for it.

Skaldrons are nothing if not ornery.

Zz'Gashi the DunerunnerEdit

A unparalleled beast of living legend, Zz'Gashi is a Skaldron of formidable physical ability, even among others of its kind, paired with full mortal intelligence and language. He is one of the few being from a strain considered unbred to assume a place of power and influence on the sphere.

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