The Ro'Ro is one of the more shallow scars left on the surface of the Avantsphere following the Great Whump. It is also the only crack in the world to be artificially expanded by manpower. The result was a longer divide between the Freebies and the expansive Powah Grot Inc. building venture. Ro'Ro's canyon is a striaght drop from the center, with a tailed end that extrudes above the ground, being the false wall the Freebies built as a forged obstacle to the Went Water.

Lengthening Ro'RoEdit

The Freebies stood in staunch opposition to Powah Grot Inc. continuing to manufacture mandatory housing, despite decrees for further expansion from other powerful organizations in the region. They made a united socialist movement bringing together every hooligan, bum, water rider, and major of anthropological studies to make a towering wall over the course of three nights to expand the Ro'Ro to Went Water.

Due to some troubling inside foulplay, PG Inc. needed to refocus efforts elsewhere and coulnd't afford the resources or time to combat the Freebies or their new land dam, even though it would have been well within the builder's power to break down the land or even ford a narrower part of the ravine. To this day the dike still stands and the Freebies claim it as their triumphant victory over would-be oppressors, leaving them free to play lesiure sports, not bathe, and sleep under the stars. They still sometimes gather to pay respects to their great ravine for giving them the seclusion they desire, singing out their anthem "Ro'Ro, Fight the Powah".