Reverts is a term given to those of self-awareness and thought among mortals who have returned to or been reclaimed by the thoughtless, animalistic survival and bloodlust of sprawl.

Some cases of reverts are spontaneous, apropos of nothing, whereas others are mental triggers caused by giving into violence and willfully opting out of moral thought, tapping back in to instinct and survival, with carnal drive and desire taking over the actions of an individual.

Unless there are special circumstances surround the dude who's fallen back to basics, they will be summarily executed to avoid danger posed by this mortal-beast. In rare cases, attempts have been made to reinstill consciousness to important figure, but no method of regaining a revert back from sprawl has been discovered at this point in time.

Research persists to find a solution to reverts, as well as those still engrossed in the cycle of sprawl.

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