Relics are wonders of the old world occasionally dug up from Ava's crust and brought back into modern times (also known as 'artifacts'). Many make their names on the Avantsphere renown through happenstance finds of powerful items from the past or skillful use of advanced technologies being appropriated for a new purpose. Here are a list of some findings as they were discovered, or soon after being put back into use.

(scribe's note: relics are more appropriately the man-made items remaining from a past civilization, while artifacts have a less structured relevance in time.) For example,

Avariel's GliderEdit


"You mean this junk can fly." "Oh, my dear, it will do more than fly, it will glide." ~Avariel's father to Avariel

A little girl, to no surprise named Avariel, found this glider in poor condition washed up along one of the greater seas of the cold, northern tectonic of Rulgal. Her pappy knew a thing or six of modern machinery and saw the power core was still active. A few repairs to the exoskeleton put it back into aerodynamic form. From that time on, some may call it fate, but the glider's energy would never run out, and Avariel became a paragon of the waste in her constant fight against any that would seek to harm the new kindling of the greening movement.

(for more on Avariel, please read on here)

Incomplete List of Known RelicsEdit