The Peace Wind has a convoluted history. The story goes that one day, so long ago that no one capable of speech can recite the tale, a magic vapor swept Ava and delivered a sense of serenity to the world as a whole for a time. Manyof the older civilizations trace their history back to the Peace Wind, either to gain historical notoriety or because it's true. Case-by-case it may be hard to say the exact effect this mysterious gale spread from moutain to valley, from ocean to vale. While aspects are debated, one point is agreed upon--some relation to the mythic wind lead to the first known resolution over areas of sprawl, which finally clamed, and the basics of societal restoration began.

After about 20 cycles of the moon, a new peace wind will blow, though it carries none of the afforementioned soothing powers. The peace winds observed in recent history are roughly equivalent to a prolonged summer gale. Some groups still find a spiritual association with the coming of the arrival of the breeze, and townships celebrate the day it blows over, as a time for remembrance and for a free day off of chores.

Origin & EffectEdit

The Peace Wind originated deep in D'Scarr, the deep ravine that cracked the world in two sometime after the Great Whump. Many caverns and crevaces were torn in the face of the planet as a result of the Whump, the following Winter, or any number of other bizarre environmental effects, but D'Scarr is the beggest and deepest of all known deformations since the time when Ava was assumed to be one round sphere all in contact.

The Wind spread out of the great canyon from unknown depths, shook the foundation of the world above, and let loose a heated blast that circled all around and wafted for some time before dispersing into space.

There's no known record of how those subject to its aftermath. It was said to be calming, taking away all desire to raise one's voice or weapon, even making beings subject to it unwilling to stand. The impact was felt by man and beast alike. Within that short-lived lackadaisical the seeds of many future movements were said to have been sown, including the New Homage movement, Heroes Party, and the Minembering.

The most resonant effect generated by the Peace Wind was bringing about an end to some sectors of sprawl, as if the inhabitants finally came to their senses to stop the darkness fed by instincts of feeding and survival.

A Wind by Any Other NameEdit

The Peace Wind has found many slang interpretations that very in nuance based on context. Some call it "nothing but a piece of wind" meaning they believe it brings no peace, or that violence is still more powerful than a gust of serenity coud ever be. Others take it farther alluding to flatulation, calling it "Ava's Fart", "Buttwind", or "The wind out the world's buttcrack" pointing to its geographical location.

Curious WindsEdit

A universally accepted method to document the events of history has yet to be agreed upon, though there have been some we recorded instances of peace winds that bring more than a long summer breeze.

  • A storm that lasted for 2 moon cycles after the wind, creating new lakes still existing today.
  • Bursts of colors the longer in the night sky days after the wind has swept the plains.
  • Noises that sound like broken radio transmissions.
  • Acid
  • The Rainring that circles Ava.
  • Millions of pages from obscure books.