The Ohbocho is a giant bird, something between a common chicken and a roadrunner dragon, that makes its home is desert fields where there is still minimal water and vegetation. Wild by nature, they can be tamed and are a favored form of transportation in the regions which they are found.

Big, with powerful leg muscles, the ohbochos have a near inexhaustible ability to run. Because of this ability to escape dangerous situations, they have not developed the same hormones of aggression common among other beasts, and have a mild temperament. This makes them easily domesticated and bred for human use and consumption.

The Golden OhbochoEdit


Mythic interpretation

Whether or not they exist at all remains a subject open to debate. What is known, however, is everyone within 2-degrees of separation knows someone who has claimed to have seen, caught, ridden, or eaten a golden ohbocho at someone point in their lives--or at least knows of someone who has. You know you are hearing a tall tale when, at some point, the presence of a golden ohbocho is mentioned. Every word-weaver out there has a different claim they stake to assert their recounting of the animal is true: "It's light as air", "it is solid gold", "it's cry deafens everyone in range except infants", "it taste good with a little brown mustard and chives". Each telling and retelling pushes the myth of the golden ohbocho into a greater state of myth.

Talk goes around of certain scientists who have either captured, bred, or created golden ohbochos and are performing experiments with isolated DNA sequences harvested from the specimens.

There are still numerous wealthy collectors in the world who have open offers to anyone who brings them a real live animal.