The waste rider Number 13 (shothanded to No. 13 or no 13) was known as the "tattooed-titted terror", infamous for hit-and-run tactics used along the Ro'Ro ravine in the southern reaches of Ava. Her mechanical abilities were noted as the reason for the unstoppable attacks, having a super-charged jettercycle outspeeding even The Boomies she was rumored to have been previously affiliated with. Being targeted by No. 13 is something to fear, as she has a notably high rate of success in procuring whatever item the raid is set to take.

A rare breed of waster, she fought lone wolf but kept a reputation for "hitting as hard as a dozen horny highwayman." No. 13 never spoke during her attacks, nor has anyone been able to speak with her. After mounting a raid she would storm off on her custom jettercycle back to a hole in the crags, possibly to be Chino's Shed. No. 13 is presumed to be over her 40s now, and her appearances have dithered with time. Possibly the most noteworthy aspect of No. 13's raids owed to the fact she would ride topless, baring the number 13 tattoo that would be her namesake.

As an assumed independent operator, she has no current loyalty is not known to belong to any kennel. Past ties the Boomies were most likely severed when she severed the former chieftain of the clan's head from his shoulders.