This is not a bear in the flowers. This is a dude who thinks he is a bear in flowers.

A small, blue flowering plant native to the northern tectonics of Rulgal and surrounding plates, going only as far south as Boleander, mud blossoms have peculiar chemical and psychological effects more powerful than what the cuteness of the small blossoms would suggest.


Present in the northern most tectonics and more sparsely in areas north of the Green Belt. The blossoms appear in large clusters linked to the roots of the same plant that can reach far out from a single colony within the subterranean level. The flowers appear in damp, loamy pits in cold environments. Their small flowers only open to show their blue petals if in direct light from one of the moon chunks.


Eating the petals, buds, and stems will have the pronounced affects of swelling the cheeks and other parts of the body, as well as turning the skin a pallid blue color.

Consuming the flowers of the plant is the most effective and direct method of being affected. Teas and other heated brews will allow for some of the toxins released to be felt with only mild effects. The chemicals attack the hippocampus area of the brain responsible for memory and spatial navigation retention. Eating the flower will enact a kind of "mental compass" the will guide the listless steps of someone heavily inebriated by the flowers due north. The neuro-toxins responsible for this effect have yet to be be synthesized or reproduced outside of the naturally occurring component present in blue mud blossoms.


Twibbers are a sub-race of dudes who customarily consume the mud blossoms, claiming that doing so allows them to recall details from a past incarnation of a previous life in the Old World. It is unclear whether the flowers are tapping into these latent memories or if the belief in continuing a previous life comes as a result of the toxins present in the blossoms.

Twibbers who cease eating the blossoms will experience spiraling withdrawal symptoms. In some cases, they can be overcome and the twibber will forget having a "past memory" and become a slightly more aloof dude on par with other mortals, and in other instances the mind-splitting effect of reconciling two lives proves to overpowering a mental burden, causing a psychological break turning them into reverts of the sprawl.

Historical UsesEdit

In olden times, it was said rubbing your bottom on mud blossoms would make your buttocks swell and increase in size. This practice was largely ceased outside of extreme dares due to the sores that come to fester upon the skin after the swelling reduces unless the brushing of the tush is continued.