Kava's Crater is the burning black rectum of the central southern tectonic]] below the Green Belt that smells of suffering and sulfur, wealth and greed. Those who manage to attain a rise to power in the Kava regions reign over side operations in the resource war, but it is common knowledge that no one controls the Crater. Anyone who moved all their resources in never last the night. The Crater is a pit forged from the chaos of the old world and that's the way it will stay. Between the sprawl that can never be banished from the center and the near godlike presence of bad luck and powerful natural forces, the most any whipping lord seeking fame or fortune can hope to do is make a quick collection of the Wakite that can be found in small crystal deposits around the Crater's bowl. The mineral has a thousand uses and commands from whoever has it, notwithstanding how many heads rolled to bring it to market.