The marauding Jetsetters are bandits of a different kind prevalent in the northern tectonics, owed to the fact their preferred form of transportation allows them to jump cracks. Their kennel was founded when a group of raiders uncovered a stockpile of jetterpacks that still functioned. After many attempts and more than a few explosions, they successfully modified them to run on a primitive gas fuel. From then, they began a successful campaign or terror that asserted a high position within the bandit communities. Jetsetters worked within the ranks of other Brigand Brigades until they were well established. From then, they emerged as an independent power in the wastes, going so far as to prey on past loyalties to pursue a new way of bandit style unique among their orders: the high life.



From their founding some 300 mooncycles ago, the lineage of Jetsetters has been a small, core flock and an extended circle of trusted members.

The kennel began when a complete working set of MD-2990 Jet-Fusion Stormpacks found in a crack near one of the tectonic place in the North was restored to functionality and let the group have a specific advantage over other brigand brigades.

While originally working within the ranks of other groups, they quickly established a reputation of ferocity and speed the promoted their numbers to the position of a highly sought-after internal mercenary unit. Working for an assortment of the unsavory smugglers, they bided time and saved funds until gaining enough capital to become an independent kennel and follow through with the creation of their own group, which would become the Jetsetters.


Never having more than 40 members at a time (due to the limited number of remaining functioning jetterpacks, this congregation stays close and operates under a "family" model.

Meaning to create ties of loyalty and tolerance, their is a Jetmom and a Jetdad that serve as the head of the group, with jaunts and juncles serving as key advisors. Flybrothers and Soarsisters compose the main functioning members that are active on missions. Littlewings are like 'cousins' in the group and compose the ranks of new, potential members. The Jetmom and Jetdad have the responsibility of appointing a Wingman who exists indpendent of the "family" and works as a quartermaster of goods and trades; it is a high position, but a wingman (or wingwoman) will be seen as an outsider to the 'family' which is part of what lets them move outside the group to operate as a merchant or diplomat when needed. Crashers are former members who failed to initiate.

High LifeEdit


Their elaborate avian hideouts house the lap of stolen luxury.

The Jetsetters have been present in the northern regions for a long time. With the ability to jump cracks in the shaky northern tectonics, they could make speedy attacks and getaways with what they were after. Through responsible habits and spending, they accumulated an impressive wealth, at first used to pay their massive fuel costs. In time, they decided to spend more within the group, particularly on luxuries. With each generation past, the style of living they preferred became more lavish, and more was spent on the finer things in wasteland life. Now, most missions they embark on are of their own creation, and often are for the puprose of attaining some special prize or luxury. They have gathered a large collection of old world artifacts, and many top respectable collectors will still find themselves sinking into dodgy parts of a city to consort with a Wingman about attaining a specific item.

The members are committed, and enjoy a higher style of life than other bandits who still suffer in the low ranks of other platoons, which fuels their loyalty to the group. In recent times, some have even poked fun at the Jetsetters saying they've gone soft, doing fewer and fewer missions. These naysayers are silenced when the group pulls off a particularly large heist, leading most folks to believe they simply have been setting their sights on bigger, more choice treasures to attain.