Hogsmen are the rough back trackers of the waste often employed as bounty hunters to track quarry. Largely ignoble, compensation varies by the company the contract goes through and the quality of "hogger" put on the job.

On principal they try to return alive, but dead is to be considered just as good and will command full payment of the contract. This often leaves it up to the will of which ever hogsmen is on the job, and each gets a reputation to suit their work with time.

It is believed the original term for this is believed to be "headsmen" but through numerous bad jokes and the built-up callous of colloquial language the terms "hogsmen" is the only one recognized. Its linguistic origins could be from the former headsmen being taunted as "pigs" to slander them for enforcing self-made law saying capture and termination of a contracted subject is a fine thing to do, or from the former headsmen themselves with their line of work being similar to "chasing around pigs in a pen."

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