"It all starts with a seed" --Butterfly Cho

The methods of brining natural environmental-based repopulation back to the wastes of the Avantsphere, both experimental and proven, falls under a process called greening to restore and renew the lands after the Great Whump.

A relatively new practice, the fruits of this labor are still being harvested for what use they may have to the Ava at large.

The ambitious folk behind the greening are known, to know real surprise, as '"greeners".

Major ContributersEdit


The origins of the greening movement are thought to be mostly voluntary from communities of "united gradeners" looking to improve the world past its oblique state, believing returning the surface to a more natureal state would allow the slow revival of a better world beyond what humans could accomplish. This philosophy operates on the assumption mortals cannot expect to create a better world on their own, due to personal preoccupation and a tendency towards greed and a fulfillment of one's own desire, meaning fleshy life must work in tandem with the will of natural life in order to thrive.

A series of backyard projects were begun, and more joined in with a mix of know-how and guesswork to begin reiviving old plants and creating new life. Children of these folks began simply painting things green, believing it to be a decent contribution when their guardians seemed to be trying to do just that, and it is from this "making things green"  that the term greening started to stick.


A greener's garden growing what is ironically called "bluegrass" that seems to grow better when a banjo is playing.

It went on like this for a while, and eventually positive results were noticed by way of new products that could be created with the scents and flavors of newly grown flora. Some of the broader thinkers wanted to get involved in attempt to make a business out of the green developments, promising the original greeners a vast green world in return for samples and secrets. Those participating entertained the idea, but ultimately declined feeling it was more for the end result of profit than the reintroduction of nature. Ever since then private and corporate enterprise have each continued in their own way, the private making more incredible designs in nature from developed secrets of the trade while the market side produces products from simpler to grow, more easily harvestable plant life.

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