It may start like this, but can you be sure it's not a dance-off?

A dogfight is the way of kennel raiding companies to challenge leadership without staging an out-and-out mutiny. Any leader of a company of bandits and brigands worth his motor oil will have a policy for dogfighting in place, with slight variations in methods depending on policies and rituals of each corp.

Standard Dogfight ProcedureEdit


I mean, if you really have to do this.

The rules of engagement are usually a form of single combat agreed upon before the match. A clever captain will usually force a contest that appeals to his strength (unarmed, while inebriated, underwater, while in a particular costume).

For example, if a warrior-type who wields a maul from his collection of over-sized cactus-handle meat-hammers insists on that as the only weapon, the opposing will have no choice but to agree to those terms.

Some may allow any member of the kennel/brigand to challenge, while others specify a rank being necessary to show the affiliation to the group and prove that they may have some potential to lead it better.

There is also a time stipulation, usually one big moon rotation, or only under a moon crossing if the commander wants more time inbetween potential challenges/wants a more dramatic stage.



The fight need not be to the death. Death is a regular occurrence even so, and with a majority percentage of the opposing party who fall. The contest is to continue until one side fulfills the previously agreed upon terms of victory.

Furthermore, it does not have to be between the two individuals--certain games on boards or games of cards can also be implemented, for clan leaders who believe in intellect more than strength, if that reflects the values held by those under them.


Now things are getting serious.