Butterfly Cho is well into her third generation and has seen more moons pass than some stones on the Ava. She is currently the most aged among the inner circle of the greening movement, and has many developments in reintroducing nature to her name.

One of her most influential was her work with what became the butterfly rancher industry, producing pollen carrying insects extinct until she managed a revival.

She claims to receive "energy from the plants, though it's something more than that plant" hinting to some form of spiritual guidance in making life green once more.

In her youth, Cho claims to have contacted a magical creature, which was a butterfly before it had existed as she had known it. More than just a one time spirit apparition, she goes on to say she knew where the find the spirit animal, near the base a dead and twisted grey Hosua Tree. It was from this other-worldly advice she found the message to travel and find the greening movement to bring back their kind to the waste.

It's a story who she'll tell anyone willing to listen, though most find that while she is knowledgeable regarding the methods of greening the believe she may be going batty with age.