Tastes as good as it smells, and it doesn't smell good.

Burn juice is the water of the world wrung through a dirty rag and mixed with crude chemistry, superstition, and mischief.

Drinking the putrid solution is known as burning or getting burned. Someone who has drank all their drink may proclaim with confidence that they are all fired up unless they die in the process (either from the burn juice or from making that pun). It follows logically that one suffering heavily from the undesirable after effects, particularly the vomiting, is burned up and out.

Before a raiding party descends upon their pray, some of the wilder members can be seen taking swigs from canteens on their hips, causing a near instant flush of orange and red, veins pulsing and protruding from the skin, and yelling. This is due to the chemical content and extreme pain of consuming burn juice.

Known to be toxic, fans of the liquid fire continue to imbibe the noxious potation because the effects can add a significant advantage where brute strength and drive may turn the tide on an opponent. The deteriorating symptoms from constant consumption flare sooner if drank with regularity, but can be suppressed over a longer period of time if taken occasionally. When a kennel of bandits develops the habit of drinking burn juice before a raid, then spacing out the next fight to try and heal the body, it is known as the binge raid method also making the proprietors of that style of function to become known as binge bandits.

Burn juice affects different dudes differently, though we can't be sure quite why because intelligence is still a long ways from being commonplace. Either way, a burn party will happen on occasion to see who might be the most well suited for burning.

Even with death being a possible bad reaction to a bad burn, consumption remains wide spread.

"I'd rather drink and die later than suck at a fight and die now!" -a burner just before juicing up.


Burn juice is made in numerous ways, with the means available, but the most important ingredient is a stagnant pool of rainbow water heated and mixed with a host of whatever herbs, cacti, and mushrumps might be around. Sometimes, Butter Garlic Spread is added for taste to make it more palatable.

Side EffectsEdit

Half the side effects of consuming burn juice are the intended reasons for having the drink to begin with. That said, it's a roll of the dice which ones will work for whom. A wide variety of sub-sets in the side effect pool exist, and the degree of effect may differ. Please consult your family witch doctor before beginning a regiment of burn juice.


  • Increased appetite
  • Increased appetite FOR BLOOD
  • Buff to endurance
  • Dampening of pain receptors
  • Aggression increase
  • Doubling/Tripling of hormonal gland output
  • Shrinking and hardening of the testicles (smaller target)
  • Overload of ligament capacity (higher muscle:power output ratio)
  • Faster reflexes
  • Inducing vomiting (when attempting to clear food poisoning)
  • Inducing stool activity (when used as a laxative)


  • Loss of sight
  • Loss of hearing
  • Loss of mind
  • Veins becoming extruded from the skin
  • Rash
  • Fiery diarrhea
  • Attraction to animals (sexually)
  • Halitosis (also known as 'stink mouth')
  • Insatiable hormonal desire
  • Cease in production of vitamin K (containing necessary amino acids to induce blod clotting at a wound)
  • Hair loss
  • Hernias
  • Hemorrhages
  • Red-colored stool
  • Skin discoloring to any color of the rainbow
  • Unstoppable, unending fits laughter
  • Death