He has the esteemed claim of longest beard in the Beardsman's family, and also in the history of time.

Buckshot Beardsman was known for his vast entrepreneurship in the name of knowledge, and also for his vast beard for which he gets his name.

He was the son of Bammy Beardsman, the founder of Roughshot Publishing--a main distributor of informative materials around the Ava. He is the father of Bleardio Beardsman, the current head of the Beardsman Family.

He was known for his ongoing work to untangle the myths and truths of the natural world, and is said to be one of the first falchion falconers.

Life MissionEdit

Buckshot's life pursuit was in the name of nature, namely finding out how the Great Whump had altered it over time and was continuing to affect the world.

A RumorEdit

He is rumored to have had a much forbidden affair with an old hag of fire, one of the members of a bitterly disputed enemy, which led to fathering a bastard of lost name. It is said that due to the infant's inability to grow a beard (yes, because the baby didn't have a beard) he abandoned the child and the mother, only fueling hate between the two clans, of which the Beardsmans have always had more power. This child is rumored to have become the wandering naturalist Rokks in the Bush.