"Breeds" combine all strains and varieties of living, killable, mostly fleshy beasts that populate the surface and skies of Ava. Specifically, these are the mortals that stem from the breed of dudes, or assumed mortals of the old world who have been altered by mutations in the building block of genetic structure, or have bred themselves silly-different with ambitious partnering, or some mix of boths. What separates them from other fuana and living things in the waste is the ability to be cognizant of the actions they take with control (mostly) to deny instinct in favor of thought.

This means that many lesser beasts my be argued into a breed of dude, but most archetypes of common breeds all have a few things on common: 1. cognizant thought past instinct 2. a type of spoken language (via an retained form of the FOX2P gene-set), 3. a societal structure, 4. the concept of love, and 5. decent taste in music.

Dudes are the most populous of the breeds by number, and are thought to be the origin of which other breeds have ascended on the sphere.

A brief list of known breeds is as follows:


Being unbred is a scientific of derogatory term used to refer to forms of life that don't meet the required list of 5 terms to be considered among breeds of mortal, thereby being classified as wild fauna. Being called unbred in a derogatory or demeaning way is to say that the mortal in question does not meet the requirements to be considered part of an upper class of animal, making them out to then be considered poo-brained or beasty.