Bleardio Beardsman, in all his whiskered glory.

Bleardio Beardsman is one of a long line of Beardsmans famed for their knowledge as well as the remarkable length of their chin whiskers from which the family takes their name, believing knowledge and the amount of hair on a face to be intrinsically linked to knowledge. Bleardio is currently head of the Beardsman Family. He is the son of Buckshot Beardsman. His younger brother, Baldwin Beardsman is the current supervising chief of the Beardsman Bridge Building Board.

He stands a man and a half tall with a beard near as long. Bleardio, like his Beardsman ancestors before him, prefers quiet study and thought to speaking, so most of the information he finds comes from the works of Roughshot Publishing.

Many people would like to see Bleardio and his Beardsman brethren unseated from their Ivory Tower of knowledge, either to make room for their own personal gain or only for the love of keeping the world chaotic and unknown.

Life MissionEdit

Born into a wealth of money and information, Bleardio is the current seated lord of his family and associated estates, and has devoted his life's learnings to figuring out what lies beneath the surface of the Ava. The land below the surface is still shrouded in mystery, a land existing parallel to ours, the Undersphere.

Projects Funded and UnderwayEdit


"Goodluck sucker, you don't get food unless you bring up something shiny." -Jerkboss the Foreman belittling an underpaid peon of a new spelunker

With a supreme amount of capital at his disposal, he has been leading wrecking crews to smash mountains in hopes of revealing hidden contents. Beardsman has also been spearheading drilling programs to burrow into the crusts of the planets in hopes of finding new resources and artifacts. There is also a small team of elite climbers on Beardsman's payroll spelunking between the tectonics in places like the Ro'Ro Ravine and D'Scarr.

Recent AccomplishmentsEdit

Among his current touted triumphs in knowledge is Beardsman's work in uncovering the reason behind the appearance of the marauding Gaulyms and their long-disputed origin.

Current MythbustingEdit

His big untangling in process is finding the reasons behind the Peace Wind.


The order of story tellers and yarn weavers known as the old hags of fire have a burning hatred for Beardlio and his kin for spoiling the wonder behind their long-winded tall tales that earn their place in the waste. The hags will bristle and frenzy at the sight of any text from Roughshot Publishing, or the mere utterance of the Beardsman name.