It can't be! The horror! The mortality! The convenience!

Long thought perished beneath the snows of an unnamed mountain, some forty-nine cycles of the moon ago a terror unlike any other rampaged for seven dawns and seven dusks, when the monster known as Bagman rose from slumber and walked across the metropolis of Gettersbane. The destruction was massive, lives were lost, children drank wine, birds swam, cats sexed dogs, the colors green and red switched places--and everyone's toes stayed very, very cold. The catastrophe knew no bounds and the demon-spawn that led this wake of carnage showed no remorse--actually, it looked quite pleased with the savagery. At the end of this reign of horror, the beast curled back into the Ava and slept. It is largely hush-hush that this horrid event came to transpire, so we don't like to talk about it.

Because he is so well protected from cold, and everything else, due to size, strength, and powerfully high thread count, Bagman is considered to be among the Unkillables.